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torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Fly Your Bike Across the World with This Tough Case

Here's a pretty cool gadget i saw on Gizmodo today.

The problem of packing up your bicycle and loading it onto an airplane isn't likely an issue many of us face regularly, if ever. But if you do—and you've got $1,400—the AeroTech Evolution looks like a killer way to safely ferry your ride.

The case, made out of hardened plastic, fits a disassembled bike, allowing you to check it as luggage rather than paying extra fees to have it specially shipped. Now, a few caveats—the case is designed to be as compact as possible (given its cargo), but might surpass the size limits of certain airlines. And at 50 lbs with a bike inside, it's not exactly a roller bag. But it's durable and rather sexy, and a clean way of transporting messy gear.

onsdag den 9. marts 2011

MP staffer requests to play Facebook games while on the phone to constituents

A staff member for a Liberal politician is allowed to play Facebook games while she's working because she needs a distraction to pass the time, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
 Victor Dominello, the Liberal MP for the Sydney seat of Ryde, received a service request from staffer Caroline Beinke asking to use her work computer to play Bejeweled Blitz.
"When I have long conversations on the phone to constituents it is my version of doodling, a mental chewing gum of sorts," she reasoned.
Ms Beinke, a former federal Liberal candidate in Kingsford Smith, wrote the request for "extended internet access" to the Department of Parliamentary Services and Mr Dominello signed off on it, saying "I have no difficulty with this request provided it is acceptable to the Clerk/Speaker."
Mr Dominello defended the decision, saying he had "no problem" as long as it didn't breach parliamentary guidelines.
"My staff work very very hard," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.
"If they are sitting at their desk on hold to a department for 15 minutes, I do not have a problem with it."
The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Richard Torbay, said that he would not approve access to gaming sites for use during work time.
"I have not seen this specific request but I can say this: I put filters in place to stop staff accessing inappropriate websites in the Parliament and I do not think we should be paying people to play games."
Bejewelled Blitz is a popular competitive Facebook game that only lasts 60 seconds. It involves rearranging jewels into lines.

mandag den 7. marts 2011

Movie Monday #2 Into The Wild

For this Movie Monday i want to recommend the movie, "Into The Wild" about the true story of Christopher McCandless.
Christopher is a young man who just graduated from college. He got good grades and have a good future and want to go to Harvard University.
But one day he decides to walk Into The Wild and live a quiet life, without any worries. 

In the movie you follow Christopher who have changed name to Alexander Supertramp. You see him making new friends, finding new places to live and generally survive on his way to Alaska.

It's a relaxing movie, and if you're a dumbass who can only enjoy a movie if there's tons of explosions and just bullshit in it, Into The Wild is definetely not the movie for you. What i think makes this movie so interesting is that it's actually a true story.

This is a picture of Christopher McCandless taken by himself in front of his "Magic Bus"

søndag den 6. marts 2011

Angry birds expands to Facebook

Down below is a interesting article i found about Angry Birds.

Developer Rovio also says driving and sport spin-offs possible once Rio tie-in is out; console versions still on-course

With 75m downloads, you'd be forgiven for thinking that smash hit game Angry Birds is on the verge of hitting its limit.

But Finnish developer Rovio, which created the game and has grown it into a massive franchise over the last year, says much more is to come.

Including not just the inevitable TV/movie spin-off, but a new 'collaborative' Facebook game, plus Angry Birds games in other genres like driving and sports.

The latest issue of Wired UK features an extensive profile on the studio, and quotes its senior staff on a social game version and other expansion plans.

It was already confirmed that it would be expanding to consoles - a PSN version is already available, with Wii and 360 versions coming too. And last year the studio launched a range of merchandise, plush dolls.

On Facebook, "there will be completely new aspects to it that just haven't been experienced in any other platform," said studio boss Mikael Hed, who confirms that due to the social site's 'collaborative nature', "the pigs will have a more prominent role".

Meanwhile, Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's 'might eagle' (business development) in the piece confirms that other spin-offs could be in the driving and sports genres, moving away from the puzzle-strategy 2D game's origins.

The studio is launching Angry Birds Rio in a matter of days, which is a tie-in with a Fox movie and swaps the villainous pigs for monkeys seen in the film.

"We're building an integrated entertainment franchise where merchandising, games, movies, TV, cartoons and comics all come together," said Vesterbacka.

He calls Rovio's strategy 'Disney 2.0'.

He added: "Look at how Disney got started. Steamboat Willie created Mickey Mouse, then they added more characters. You can see the same pattern today, but everything is happening much, much faster. Other brands used to build recognition over the course of decades. We've done it in one year."

The firm also says it will probably launch its next game - it's 53rd - next year.

In the meantime "we are building our infrastructure with Angry Birds," said Vesterbacka. "So we have the distribution, the marketing, everything in place, so that we can basically take any IP and drop it in. And we have the capability of producing the games on all the platforms - smartphone, consoles, PCs, Mac, online, Facebook - you name it. Then the TV, the movie side, it will happen when the time is right."

lørdag den 5. marts 2011

What game should i review?

Been lacking content these last few days, which means i haven't been able to post. I'm not sure what to blog about andi don't want to spam with random articles.
So, i'm looking for a game to review. Doesn't matter if it's old or brand new. Good or bad. I just want to review something and get some quality content out to you guys!

Have a nice day, my friends!

tirsdag den 1. marts 2011


Today, i want to talk about something completely different than normally.
I know that some of you, is probably thinking something like "Meditation? What is this gay hippie shit?" I understand, if some of you are feeling that way, because i felt the same way about it, before i actually tried it out.

Meditation is a short period of time, where you just relax and focus on nothing else but relaxing. I really love the feeling of being 100%, completely relaxed and i mostly meditate before i go to bed, so i'm all relaxed.

By the way, you don't have to sit this way:
I find sitting like this way, really uncomfortable and i actually just prefer sitting normally in my chair.

How to meditate
There is not one way to meditate, so i recommend to try out different positions and types of meditations until you find the one you prefer. As i mentioned before, i normally sit in my chair.
Since i haven't been able to find a good meditation site, i'm usually browsing YouTube for guided meditation videos, because i find it very relaxing to hear someone talk to me in a relaxed voice, while relaxing music plays in the background.
I hope you found this blog post interesting and that you will try out meditation yourself one day!

lørdag den 26. februar 2011

Been slacking off.

Yeah. I have been slacking off on the blog these last few days. Mostly because i got vacation and i'm too busy doing... Yeah.. Nothing, basically. But i'm back now!

I've also made some changes on the blog and i think it looks a bit better now.