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lørdag den 26. februar 2011

Been slacking off.

Yeah. I have been slacking off on the blog these last few days. Mostly because i got vacation and i'm too busy doing... Yeah.. Nothing, basically. But i'm back now!

I've also made some changes on the blog and i think it looks a bit better now.

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

How Realistic Is Video Game Drunkenness?

While on Kotaku, i saw this really awesome article about the realism of video game drunkenness. They even made a video where they tried to see how realistic it is. Yeah, it weren't realistic. But check out the video, if you got the time!

How Realistic Is Video Game Drunkenness? - VIDEO 

søndag den 20. februar 2011

Movie Monday #1 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Movie Monday? What?
Yeah, so Movie Monday is something i'm going to do every monday. What it's about, is that i'll simply recommend a movie i watched during the week and talk a bit about it.

For this Movie Monday i want to recommend the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
It's about this socially akward boy, played by Michael Cera (surprised, huh?) who finds the girl of his dream. He falls in love with her, but the only problem is, that he needs to fight her 7 evil ex'es before he can continue dating her.

The movie is really fun to watch and i was entertained the whole way through it. The movie is built up as a video game, so if you're a nerd you can kind of laugh at that. But i still think that everyone can watch the movie and enjoy it as much as i did.

Call of Duty: Black Ops review

Hey guys! Here is my very first game review! I hope you'll like it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a really good game. You can clearly feel that it's a part of the Call of Duty franchise and you really get that "Call of Duty-feel" when playing it.  That, i really like. It's pretty much the main reason why i bought this game. I was scared that Treyarch would make a completely different game, which wouldn't feel like a Call of Duty game. Hopefully, they didn't.

So, the story of this game is really great. Even though it can be very confusing, with its jumping around in different years, i really liked how they used that to introduce different weapons instead of the same old, boring modern weapons. I really enjoyed playing with stg 44, PPSH and Mosin Nagant, because i haven't played with guns like that since Call of Duty 2!

I'm not going to talk about the graphics, since i'm running a low-end computer, which isn't able to run the game on highest graphics.

As mentioned earlier, the game feels really good and actiony. (is that a word?). There is almost, always constant battle, which makes sure that the gamer doesn't get bored. 
As in the other games they added these little things, which doesn't have to do with shooting. For example, sitting in a Blackbird and helping out your squad, and the rapelling. I enjoyed both things really much.

So, overall i think Black Ops is one of the best Call of Duty games yet (at least the singeplayer part), because of its great story and its many different weapons. I honestly haven't got much bad to say about this game, since i found it pretty much, completely bug free. They could have made it longer, but what the heck. All Call of Duty games are short, and i think we're getting used to it by now.


lørdag den 19. februar 2011

Update on what's coming up the next few weeks.

So, yeah. I got vacation the whole next week, so i'm just going to chill out, blogging some and checking out other peoples blogs.
I thought i might as well give an update, on what's hopefully going to happen on this blog.

I think it's about time i start writing some game reviews. I never got to complete Black Ops, so i'm probably reviewing that. I am also yet to complete Dead Space 2, so that will be reviewed also. Bulletstorm is coming out in a few days, so i will definetely be trying that out!

Things i love
I think it could also be interesting to blog about other things i love, which isn't gaming. I got a few things planned out, so look forward to that!

Random articles
I will be continuing doing, what i have done so far. Which is posting random articles about gaming and technology i find on the internet.

So, that is what's going to happen on this blog. Have a nice day!      

fredag den 18. februar 2011

Steve Jobs dying?

So, according to National Enquirer, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs is really sick of cancer and apparently only has six weeks left to live.

Since only half of the stories in National Enquirer, i'm really hoping that this story is fake, because Steve Jobs is a genius and one of the most important persons in the technology business.

So, what do you think? Is he dying, or is National Enquirer just making up a story to earn money?

onsdag den 16. februar 2011

Video games cures depressions?

Here's a fun and interesting article i read on Kotaku about casual puzzle games being able to cure depressions. I hope you enjoy the article!

While more mainstream video games are under fire for causing depression, a new study at East Carolina University finds that playing casual puzzle games is an effective way to combat clinical depression and anxiety. Guess who underwrote the study? 

East Carolina University's Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic have spent the past year putting 60 test subjects meeting the criteria for clinical depression through a grueling series of PopCap-brand casual puzzle games. Using technologies with long, important-sounding names like psychophysiology and biochemical and psychological measurements, the study found that subjects in the video game group experienced an average reduction in depression symptoms of 57 percent.

The study was underwritten by PopCap Games, one of the world's leading casual game publishers.

Subjects that played Bejeweled 2, Bookworm Adventures, and Peggle - all PopCap games, of course - also experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and improvement to all aspects of mood.

In a press release accompanying this news, the study's author actually suggested that casual games were so effective at treating depression they could potentially be used to replace common treatment options, including medication.

"The results of this study clearly demonstrate the intrinsic value of certain casual games in terms of significant, positive effects on the moods and anxiety levels of people suffering from any level of depression" stated Dr. Carmen Russoniello, Director of the Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic at ECU and the professor who oversaw the study (as well as previous studies involving the same games' effects on stress levels). "In my opinion the findings support the possibility of using prescribed casual video games for treating depression and anxiety as an adjunct to, or perhaps even a replacement for, standard therapies including medication."

I don't know how far I'd trust a study heralding the positive benefits of casual gaming that's been underwritten by one of the world's top publishers of casual games, but the results, if accurate, are quite impressive. We've seen video games used as therapy for physical ailments. Why not the mental ones?

Rest in peace

Today i was told that a 16-year old girl from my school died last night. I didn't know her, but i think it's terrible when a person that young fades away.


World of Warcraft on the Kindle

mandag den 14. februar 2011

Mass Effect 2 game of the year

A few days ago Mass Effect 2 won the AIAS award for the best game of the year. If you want to see who got the rest of the awards, look below:

  • Action Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Character Performance: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction: Red Dead Redemption
  • Role Playing / MMO Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2
  • Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2
  • Outstanding Achievement in Story: Mass Effect 2
  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering: Heavy Rain
  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming: Heavy Rain
  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Music: Heavy Rain
  • Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Adventure Game of the Year: Limbo
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: Limbo
  • Family Game of the Year: Dance Central
  • Racing Game of the Year: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Sports Game of the Year: FIFA 2011
  • Fighting Game of the Year: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Portable Game of the Year: God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  • Casual Game of the Year: Angry Birds HD
  • Social Game of the Year: CityVille
  • Outstanding Achievement in Animation: God of War III
  • Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack: Rock Band 3
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Bing Gordon:
  • Pioneer Award: Bill Budge

søndag den 13. februar 2011


I reached 60 followers, which i think is pretty big! It may not be 100 followers, but it's still cool. Thanks for the massive support i've been getting from you guys the last few days!

Gaming on the front lines

While surfing around Kotaku, i found a article about soldiers on the front lines and videogames.
The article is really great and i hope you enjoy as much as i do.
The article

lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Just a great tip for all you gamers out there!

I was at a great party last night and just woke up slightly hungovered, thinking about what to blog about to day when i stumbled upon GameTrailer's release calendar for the month of february.
So, here's the deal. One of the biggest gaming sites - GameTrailers, releases a monthly video where they tell which games are coming up that month. The videos are great, just to get a quick overview of which games are coming out. I hope enjoy the video and have a nice day!

fredag den 11. februar 2011

Kid threatens with school massacre on xbox live

This is not really gaming related, but mostly just a funny story. So apparently this kid from New Jersey, got one of his friend Xbox Live accounts and sent messages to people that he would show up at school next day with a gun. The kid of course got arrested.
You can read the article here:

torsdag den 10. februar 2011

Really cool Kinect video!

If you know, just a little bit about gaming, you must have heard about the Microsoft Kinect.
Apparently, some guy have hacked it so he can see from the camera's point of view. It's really really cool and amazing when you think of what you can do with cameras like that. 


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