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lørdag den 19. februar 2011

Update on what's coming up the next few weeks.

So, yeah. I got vacation the whole next week, so i'm just going to chill out, blogging some and checking out other peoples blogs.
I thought i might as well give an update, on what's hopefully going to happen on this blog.

I think it's about time i start writing some game reviews. I never got to complete Black Ops, so i'm probably reviewing that. I am also yet to complete Dead Space 2, so that will be reviewed also. Bulletstorm is coming out in a few days, so i will definetely be trying that out!

Things i love
I think it could also be interesting to blog about other things i love, which isn't gaming. I got a few things planned out, so look forward to that!

Random articles
I will be continuing doing, what i have done so far. Which is posting random articles about gaming and technology i find on the internet.

So, that is what's going to happen on this blog. Have a nice day!      

5 kommentarer:

  1. sound good, i'll keep checking in to see whats up

  2. I will check it. hoping for the things you love to do see if I've got some ideas!

  3. Looking forward to your reviews

  4. what? no more gaming reviews ? you best have some good blog stuff to talk about ! :p

  5. looking forward to all your posts, you're a nice writer