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mandag den 14. februar 2011

Mass Effect 2 game of the year

A few days ago Mass Effect 2 won the AIAS award for the best game of the year. If you want to see who got the rest of the awards, look below:

  • Action Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Character Performance: Red Dead Redemption
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction: Red Dead Redemption
  • Role Playing / MMO Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2
  • Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2
  • Outstanding Achievement in Story: Mass Effect 2
  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering: Heavy Rain
  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming: Heavy Rain
  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Music: Heavy Rain
  • Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Adventure Game of the Year: Limbo
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: Limbo
  • Family Game of the Year: Dance Central
  • Racing Game of the Year: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Sports Game of the Year: FIFA 2011
  • Fighting Game of the Year: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Portable Game of the Year: God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  • Casual Game of the Year: Angry Birds HD
  • Social Game of the Year: CityVille
  • Outstanding Achievement in Animation: God of War III
  • Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack: Rock Band 3
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Bing Gordon:
  • Pioneer Award: Bill Budge

30 kommentarer:

  1. Casual Game of the year, nice! Love playing AB!

  2. I think ME 2 really deserves to be game of the year.

  3. I bought ME2 on steam but didnt had time to play it! Looks like im gona do it right now!

  4. love this game but lack skillz ;)

  5. I LOVED mass effect 2. I played it for 18 hours straight the day i got it. I've played through it 3-4 times now.

  6. I played through the first Mass Effect but haven't played the second yet. It's gotta be great if it won game of the year. Red Dead won a lot of categories too and I haven't played that either. Damn.

  7. I loved ME2 so much, it deserves it.

  8. Yeah, good question Chris. I also missed Minecraft on the list. One of my favorite games this year :-)

  9. i want to get into this game but i literally have no time to do anything...

  10. i have this game already but I had no time to play it yet: (

  11. Yeah, Mass Effect 2 has some crazy gfx!

  12. I know a guy that's madly in love with this game, but I have yet to try it myself.

  13. Good list. Now I know exactly what games I should be picking up.

  14. Red Dead Redemption won a lot of awards from different sources. I really need to get around to buying it.

  15. good to see RDR took home so much

  16. The fighting game of the year deserved a better winner!

  17. i loved ME2, was so fun, especially with my asian shepherd. following!

  18. Ha, I knew that God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be the best portable game!

  19. it sure was a an incredible game, nice blog by the way, ill be following

  20. Am I the only one who has no idea what Angry Birds is?

  21. I'm pretty sure you are :-)

  22. @dodecahejohn: Angry Birds is a great game for iphone and some Nokias too! Try it.

  23. ME2 was a dissapointment for me. I expected something better.